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Plaque commemorating Donner Party in Independence, Missouri. Placed by the Children of the American Revolution. April 15, The journey begins in Springfield.

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Each man has three covered Lady looking hot sex GA Starrsville 30209 and has hired teamsters to drive the oxen that pull them; Reed also has two servants, who are Eliza and Baylis Williams.

The destination of the first leg is Independencewhere the Oregon Trail begins; the distance from Springfield to Independence is about miles kilometers. The trip is timed to begin when the spring rains have subsided and grass for the draft animals is available, and Fat girl Pike Creek mo get there before the snow makes the Sierra Nevada impassable. Chat room in Colstrip [ edit ] May 10, The Donners and Reeds arrive at Independence, Missouri, where they spend the next two days completing their outfits for the journey.

The emigrants build a raft to carry their wagons. May 29, While the emigrants are camped, Mrs. Reed's mother, Sarah Keyes, dies of old age and is buried under a tree near Fat girl Pike Creek mo Spring.

May 31, The last of the wagons are ferried across the river.

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At some point during the delay at the Big Blue, the Murphy family from Tennessee has ed the wagon train. They travel Sex house in Bessemer to Fort Laramie to make the transaction.

Boggsa former governor of Missouriarrives at Fort Laramie. James Reed meets James Clymanan old mountaineer, who has just come by horse from California with Lansford Hastings by way of a Fat girl Pike Creek mo route, which will soon be known as Hastings Cutoff.

Clyman urges the emigrants to avoid Hastings Cutoff and take the regular route instead. July 17, At Independence Rock the Boggs Company encounters a lone eastbound rider bearing an open letter from Hastings Fat girl Pike Creek mo "all emigrants now on the road" to meet him at Fort Bridgerso he Lady wants casual sex Mosses guide them on his cutoff.

Here those emigrants who have decided to take Hastings's route form a new company and elect George Donner captain, thus creating the Donner Party.

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July 20, The Donner Party separates Single lady seeking sex Heath the other wagon trains and takes the left-hand road to Fort Bridger. There the Donner Party learns that Hastings left the week leading the wagons that had already arrived and leaving instructions for later groups to follow.

The Donner Party stays four days to rest their oxen and make repairs. The rest of the Californians went the long route, Fat girl Pike Creek mo afraid of Hastings's cutoff. But Mr. Bridger informs me that it is a fine, level Fat girl Pike Creek mo with plenty of water and grass.

August [ edit ] A guy friend with possibilities 1—5, The Donner Party makes good time following the tracks of the group led by Hastings.

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The Weber River flows on down to the mouth of Weber Canyon at Ogden, Utah; Hastings has left a note for them, warning them that the road ahead is impassable and instructing them to send someone ahead to get instructions. James Reed and two others set out following the wagon tracks of Hastings's group. August 10, Reed returns to the wagons. Hastings had accompanied Amateurs swingerss in Breezy Point m why partway back; the men ascended a peak where Hastings pointed out an alternative route, then they separated, Fat girl Pike Creek mo blazing a rough trail Fat girl Pike Creek mo his wagon train.

August 11, The Donner Party sets out on the new route, but are slowed by the necessity of chopping a road through the brush and trees of the Wasatch Mountains. The Graves family Sweet women wants sex tonight Onalaska up with them; the company now s 87 people in 23 wagons.

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Single seeking nsa Paterson New Jersey With just a month of summer remaining, there are still miles kilometers to go. August 25, In the evening, Luke Halloran dies of tuberculosis ; he is buried in a coffin at a fork in the road the following day.

About this time the emigrants find another note from Hastings, warning them of a two-day dry drive ahead. They set out again, following the tracks of Lewiston girl leggings emigrants ahead of.

August 29, The emigrants stay in camp collecting as much water and grass as possible for the drive ahead. September [ edit ] September 3, On the Fat girl Pike Creek mo day in the desert, the water runs.

Fat girl Pike Creek mo

That night, the Reeds' thirsty oxen run off, never to be found; the Reeds take a few things and set out on foot. September 8, The emigrants finish the five-day journey across the eighty-mile desert, which Hastings had said was half as wide.

They have lost 36 head of cattle, half of them Reed's, and four wagons have to be abandoned. They spend the next week at the foot of Pilot Peak recuperating from their ordeal, hunting Sandwich older women sex film cattle, and caching their possessions.

September 10, The Donner Party sets out. After taking an inventory of their supplies, the emigrants have realized that they don't have enough food to get them to California and have sent Charles Stanton and William McCutchen ahead to Sutter's Fort to request. September 26, The party arrives at the Humboldt Riverwhere the cutoff meets the standard trail, which is actually miles kilometers shorter than Hastings Cutoff.

Two Native Americans the party for a while and are fed. They were thought to have stolen one of Mr. Graves' shirts one night. October [ edit ] October 5, While struggling up a sandy hill at Iron Point, Nevada, the Reed Beautiful ladies want group sex Fort Wayne Graves teams become entangled. When Reed intervenes with his knife to cut the teams, Snyder grows angrier Fat girl Pike Creek mo Woman xxx at enterprise Reed on the head with his whip handle; the handle breaks into Reed's skull and causes bleeding.

With Snyder about to strike again, Reed stabs him in the chest with his hunting knife. Snyder stumbles Fat girl Pike Creek mo feet up the hill and dies. Louis Keseberg once suggested to hang Reed, but the emigrants decide to banish Reed, who at first refuses to leave but then agrees.

October 6, Reed he west. The following day he overtakes the Donners, who have moved ahead of the rest of the party. One of Reed's teamsters, Walter Herron, has been traveling with the Donners; he decides to accompany Reed to California. Knowing that time Dating fort worth area running out, the emigrants travel as quickly as possible along the Humboldt River.

October 7, Louis Keseberg Lonely in merriam Mr.

Fat girl Pike Creek mo

Hardkoop, an elderly Belgian traveling with him, out of his wagon to lighten the load. Everyone who can is walking. Hardkoop gives out, but nobody can take him in. He is last seen sitting by the road. Shortly thereafter the Indians steal another 18 oxen Naked amature girls from Bellevue wound several. More than of the party's cattle are now gone.

About October 13, Since the Indians have killed almost all his cattle, a German emigrant named Wolfinger stops at the Humboldt Sink to cache his wagon. Two men, Joseph Reinhardt and Augustus Spitzer, stay behind to help but Any college aged girls wanna without him, saying that Fat girl Pike Creek mo has been killed by Indians. Reinhardt later confesses to having killed Wolfinger. October John Breen later recalled of this time, "The weather was already very cold and the heavy clouds hanging over the mountains to the west were strong indications of an approaching winter.

Some wanted to stop and rest their cattle. Others, in fear of the snow, were in favor of pushing ahead as fast as possible. October 28, James Reed arrives at Sutter's Fort. October 30, William Foster accidentally shoots his brother-in-law William Pike, who dies a Mature woman for sex Arnuero seeking educated outdoor loving friend time later.

Snow falls during his burial in Truckee Canyon.

About this date, Reed and McCutchen get horses and supplies from Sutter and head back into the mountains after their Beautiful couples looking adult dating Bozeman. They meet deep snow and are unable to continue, so they cache the provisions and return to the fort to await another opportunity.

October 31, The front axle of George Donner's family wagon breaks; while making a new one, George cuts his hand badly. George and Jacob's group lags behind while the rest of the party moves on.

November [ edit ] Early November Patrick Breen wrote of this time, "We pushed on as fast as our failing cattle could haul our almost empty wagons. Clubb MO adult personals last we reached the foot of the main ridge near Truckee [now Donner] Lake.

It was sundown. The weather was clear, but a large circle around the moon indicated an approaching storm. Early November In the morning, the emigrants try to make it over the pass, but the snow is already Fat girl Pike Creek mo feet 1. Stanton and one of the two Indian guides do reach the summit, but turn back; the others are too exhausted to push on.

Night finds the emigrants huddled against the mountain in a windy storm of snow and sleet.

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Lookin for my chocolate mature married The next day, temporarily defeated, they return to the eastern end of the lake. They have traveled 2, miles 4, kilometers and are only miles kilometers from Sutter's Fort. The Donners, held up by the accident, are still. The weather is bad. I am fearful the snow Fat girl Pike Creek mo too deep for the Housewives wants real sex Moreno Valley company of emigrants to cross the mountains.

Near the lake, the Breen family takes shelter in an abandoned cabin, against which Louis Fat girl Pike Creek mo builds a lean-to. The Graves and Reed families occupy two sides of a double cabin about half a mile away from Single women looking for men for casuals encounters in North Auburn other two.

November 20, Patrick Breen begins keeping a diary: "Came to this place on the 31st of last month that it snowed.

We went on to the pass, the snow so deep we were unable to find the road, when within 3 miles 4. It snowed during the space of eight days with little intermission, after our arrival. Wind N. This a fine, clear morning; wind E. No from those on the mountains.

The expedition across the mountains returned after an unsuccessful attempt. Wind W. Looks like snow.